Participation in gala

Participation in Moscow ballet 

Octomber 2019:Selected students of our School from 11-13 years old,participated at the performancw "Swan lake" with the proffesionals dancers at the Peiraia theater.

Octomber 2018:Participation of students from our school from 9-11 years old,at the performance <<Cinderella>> with the proffecionals Russian dancers  at the Peiraia theater ,on 19th and 20th of Octomber.

July 2017 : Participation of our students at the performance <<Sleeping beauty>> from the Moscow Ballet Theater,at th open theater D.Kintis in Ilioupoli.Our students danced with the proffesional Russian dancers.

December 2016 : Selected students from our ballet school participated at <<Nutcracker>> performance that Moscow ballet had at Peiraia theater.

Participation in theatrical performances

With colloboration of the theatrical produser company " H sofi koukouvagia" our students participate in theatrical performances at Acropol theater "Alepou Aisopou" November 2018 with Kostas Flokatoulas and 'One kid counts the stars" November 2018 with Thanasis Viskadourakis,"I was a kid in "21 " with George Giannopoulos.


Also our school participates in Dance Gala.On July 2016,we participated in the International Youth Gala at<<Acropol>> theater in order to support  voluntary agencies.Also,our students participate in T.V. shows and selebration programmes in T.V.  at  Alpha channel e.t.c.